cost rica, volcano
AS SEEN ON: I have always believed that there has to be life out there in […]
Photo credit from the amazing Alicia at New Moon Lifestyle Photography at the Elevated Feminine retreat […]
sunset painting
Back in 2017 when rubber tramping, camping, & living out of a backpack, I saw the […]
Tiger animal medicine can symbolize the ability to trust yourself. It can also represent confidence, strength, […]
I recently wrote a social media post sharing an illustrated page of the children’s book A […]
Many people come to Sedona, Arizona because they hear about their energy vortexes. When my parents […]
‘Home’ is a concept that has always been shifting for me about every 2 years or […]
These are the first words in ‘A Trust Poem.’ The illustration is the background from Sugar […]
Did you know that roses hold the highest vibration of all the flowers? Connect with this […]
As some of you may know, I have been hermitting a lot this year as I […]