I’ve always enjoyed writing for personal use as medicine. When first creating this website in 2017, it was only travel stories, pictures, and videos. As my life has evolved, so has ‘The Britterfly Effect’.

Thank you for witnessing me 🙏🏼

  • 30 things I wish I could have learned & understood at 15
    Photo credit from the amazing Alicia at New Moon Lifestyle Photography at the Elevated Feminine retreat this summer #elevatedfeminine Last month, I turned 30 years old. It has brought up a lot of things for me. Yet, mostly excitement. Because I feel my 20’s & 
    Back in 2017 when rubber tramping, camping, & living out of a backpack, I saw the most mind-blowing sunset of my life (to this day).  I kept it in the archives to paint one day since then. Better late than never, right? I will most 
    Tiger animal medicine can symbolize the ability to trust yourself. It can also represent confidence, strength, and willpower. Trust and confidence go hand in hand to me. Trusting yourself is crucial when painting (and living). It used to take me days or many hours to 
    AS SEEN ON: I have always believed that there has to be life out there in the Universe. Once I got to start exploring this big vast planet, I connected with more like-minded individuals and information that continued to solidify this inner knowing. When living 
  • Water is Life & ‘Council of Fire’
    I recently wrote a social media post sharing an illustrated page of the children’s book A Trust Poem.  This page features local businesses in Sedona – one of which provides many clean water options for purchase, for any and all that come to their store. 
    Many people come to Sedona, Arizona because they hear about their energy vortexes. When my parents were able to meet me there, my Dad was one of these people. ‘Let’s do the vortex hikes!’ We actually woke up at sunrise for most days & were 

My past blog/passion project is the YouTube Channel called:

🌻 Mama Earth Tribe🌻

🌻 It share tips, stories, & lifestyles framed around exploring, appreciating, & protecting the natural world.

🌻 I speak with inspiring humans about how they structure their lives to maximize outdoor time & help sustain our planet’s beauty and well-being.

If you have a video you think should be shared on the channel, please reach out – I dream it to be a community channel made by the people, for the people!