SHORT VERSION: I am a human being simply hoping my creative outlet helps others live their lives happier and more fulfilled. 🌻


Born & raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I always had an affinity for art growing up, but that was just one of many hobbies and passions. While in school, I always thought of pursuing art more, but refrained, believing I needed a more β€˜serious’ career to make money. However, even throughout my college years in California & after, I always found myself drawing & painting just for fun.

Painting at Envision Festival

Through a series of synchronistic events & life-altering opportunities, I started to believe in my dreams more, which turned into living them. One of these dreams was traveling and living around the world – mainly throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, and Central America. While at Envision Music Festival in Costa Rica in 2018, I decided that I would dedicate my life to being an Artist, in whichever way the Divine wished this to unfold.


In summer 2018, I experienced full-time farming at an organic family farm called Moonlight Acres in New Jersey. My former partner and his family encouraged my artistic passions, while I also had many powerful lifestyle shifts through the farming experience. A small health scare led me to adopt a plant-based diet, which I now believe can help heal all major illnesses. It was from farming that I realized the VITAL importance of what you put in your body and living in a way that does not create more harm to Mother Nature.

Take care of your two homes:​ your body & the Earth.

Since 2019, I primarily painted custom pet portraits & still do per request. See examples of this body of work here & request your own! 5% of the proceeds go to Yolo County SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

‘Mia’- acrylic on canvas 9 x 12

My non-custom work is inspired by the beauty of our planet at the farm & throughout my explorations. My creations also reflect my Kundalini yoga practice, mantra, my beliefs in our star origins, & the Oneness or TRUTH found in all major religions. I pray that my art helps spread Unity Consciousness, which will allow us to reach peace on Earth.

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Prints & stickers are available for most if not all of my work. You can purchase them from me directly by contacting me through social media or email & paying via Venmo:

Venmo: @thebritterflyeffect

Mother Nature gives us so much medicine & abundance – I hope my creations remind us to appreciate & protect it. 🌎 πŸ™πŸΌ 🌎

I also hope my creations remind you that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. ✨ πŸ™πŸΌ 🌈

All paintings are signed with my spirit name, SUNDANCE 🌞 πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

I’m trying to just do it.  Just do what I want to do.  What brings me joy.  What makes me excited to get up in the morning.  Follow my passions.  Follow my bliss.  

And I hope by sharing it on The Britterfly Effect, that others will be inspired to do the same.  Or at least be entertained and see some beauty while I’m on my journey.  

The Britterfly Effect is also about  seeing and connecting with this amazing planet we call home.  Sharing positivity, knowledge, humor, and gorgeous nature.  In hopes that my small increment of life can create more lasting positive impact on the world.   

Hope you enjoy!

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