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I have always believed that there has to be life out there in the Universe. Once I got to start exploring this big vast planet, I connected with more like-minded individuals and information that continued to solidify this inner knowing.

When living in Sedona, Arizona in 2020, I started connecting even more with the concept of intelligent life coming to our planet. It’s widely agreed upon common knowledge in this area that we are connected deeply with our galactic family in the Universe. I started painting UFO’s in my landscape paintings to ignite the belief in others’ minds that may still be skeptical or hesitant. To start more conversation around the subject.

For my first complete NFT collection inspired by my favorite book series, ‘I SPY’, as a child…

✨ 🛸 I Spy Star Family 🛸 ✨

I wanted to continue this work, by adding the same UFO I did in one of my previous paintings to my travel photos.

‘Star Family Bagan #1’ (visiting temples & pagodas in Bagan, Myanmar)

I also wished to create an ever-growing community around the belief in our star origins & that intelligent life has been visiting us all over the world for longer than we can imagine.

So when you get one NFT from the ‘I Spy Star Family‘ Collection – you will be invited to be a member of the


In this membership, you receive an invitation to the private Discord group, where you get to chat with the artist & other collectors to discuss UFO-related news, ideas, or beliefs.  My hope is that we can also talk about how we can help open others’ eyes, outside of the group, to the fact of intelligent life being in our Universe and visiting us on Earth.  The more that the collective consciousness grows in acceptance, belief, and openness to intelligent life, the more frequently and publically these beings will visit us.

Let’s start making this common knowledge.
Let’s start more conversations and share our opinions about intelligent life.
Let’s start welcoming our star family without fear & with open hearts.

✨ We are One Universal Family.✨

When you own 3 or more in this collection, you have the opportunity to submit your own travel photo to the artist for it to become part of the I Spy Star Family collection.  Since you are the creator of the photo, you will then receive a percentage of whatever the NFT is sold for initially.

For those that collect 3 or more from this collection, there will also be virtual shareholder meetings once a month on Zoom, where we connect more as a community further.  Changes may have to occur as the community grows over time. This collection & community will constantly be growing and expanding as new photos are added.

One thing that will never change… there will only be 11 variations of each specific photo in this original ‘I Spy Star Family’ Collection.

If you can be the one to collect ALL 11 of one photo, then I will do an ORIGINAL HAND-PAINTED version of that specific photo for you – which we can discuss in more detail over a virtual meeting.

Hand-painted Acrylic on Canvas of Big Sur – SOLD in 2021 at YAM fest (Yoga, Arts, & Music Festival

Excited for when this day comes!

Until then, let’s make the 🛸✨ STAR FAMILY ✨🛸 a thriving, supportive, exciting community where we can unite as One Universal Family – knowing our true origins & helping push the collective forward into accepting our galactic connections.

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