Many people come to Sedona, Arizona because they hear about their energy vortexes. When my parents were able to meet me there, my Dad was one of these people.

‘Let’s do the vortex hikes!’

Mom, Dad, & I hiking Cathedral Rock – February 2021

We actually woke up at sunrise for most days & were able to hike all of the vortex hikes during their time there! Each vortex hike has either more masculine or feminine energy or both.

Cathedral Rock is a vortex with feminine energy. They say that the actual vortex location is at the intersection of Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock – called Red Rock Crossing. Which is actually the front cover of the children’s book I illustrated as a love letter to Sedona!

Red Rock Crossing – illustration in A Trust Poem (links to pre-order below!)

When I was first exploring Sedona in February 2020, I went to Cathedral because I had heard of its beauty and popularity as well. I had my selfie stick at the time & made a little video for my YouTube Channel –

🌻 Be An Outsider🌻

Back in the day, you used to be able to park along the street outside the two parking lots designated for Cathedral Rock Trail. However, I think residents or someone complained so now your only parking options are the two lots which are not very big. So I HIGHLY suggest getting there early! Otherwise, you may have to wait a while to snag a spot.

This trail also requires you to have a Red Rock Pass to park & not get ticketed – this is required for a lot of the major hikes. They are $5 for one day, $15 for a week, & it looks like they offer $20 for a year. There is a machine to pay at the trailhead.

If you have an America the Beautiful National Parks Pass, that works as well.

Online, it says this trail is about 3.7 miles roundtrip & takes about 1.5 hours to get to the top.

Once you get the parking situated – you just follow the rock stacks or ‘cairns’ (pronounced like Karen lol – this was a new one for me to learn) & explore!

To get all the way up to the end of the trail, it is actually a bit more difficult – you have to kind of rock climb at one point & it’s a bit steep – but I’ve seen people and dogs of all ages do it! Listen to your body & what you think is best for you.

Once you get to the top – the view is of course magical & there is a little narrow path where you can get a pretty awesome picture if you’re brave enough to walk over there!

When I was living in Sedona in 2020, a beautiful brother would host a free ecstatic dance on Cathedral Rock every Tuesday at sunset. They were some of the most magical, heart-opening experiences of my life – just freely expressing through movement with community, looking out at the beautiful, vast landscape. I for sure cried a few times. Such amazing medicine dance is!

Photograph taken at one of them – I’m in the yellow shirt in the middle on the far side! 🙂

Since the parking situation changed, it is no longer done at this location. But the dance lives on!

The new location is Yavapai Point & the winter hours start at 12 pm! Go meet amazing souls & boogie down if you’re looking to try something new while visiting!

Hope this article helps you explore one of the most amazing hikes in Sedona!

Happy trails & remember to leave no trace!

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✨ Sat Nam & Many blessings! ✨

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