“Life is about TRUST”

“Life is about TRUST”

These are the first words in ‘A Trust Poem.’

The illustration is the background from Sugar Loaf Trailhead – one of the main trails in walking distance of where Zack & I were living when the idea of the book came about. It is featured in the book a few times because we would frequent it a lot.

It was also inspired by ‘The Fool’ card in the Tarot.  This card is the number 0 in the Major Arcana, representing unlimited potential.  It is the card of new beginnings and adventure

It may also represent childlike enthusiasm, naivety, and risk-taking.

All of us, at any point in time, have been ‘The Fool’ – walking into a new beginning in life

Whether it be a career change, moving or traveling somewhere different, starting or ending a relationship – this usually requires a leap of faith and a large amount of TRUST. 

Trusting the guidance of our hearts and gut instincts. 

Trusting ourselves and that the decision we are making is for the highest good of ourselves and others. 

Trusting that if and when unknown situations and challenges arise, we will intuitively navigate them.

Trusting that we are supported by the Universe.

Trusting that no matter what happens on the journey, we will be okay.

Sometimes, when it seems like the heart is guiding you somewhere that does not seem logical or what is outside of the ‘norm’ – this faith and trust can be even scarier to cultivate. 

In early tarot decks, he is titled ‘Le Mat’ in French and ‘Il Matto’ in Italian, which can translate to ‘The Madman.’

In each depiction of ‘The Fool’ – he is always represented without any fear.

He cannot know what the future will hold, but he goes forward anyway and believes in himself.  His ‘madman’ qualities may not be a bad thing, as they give the courage to take the leap that is necessary for the new journey to begin. 

This ‘divine madness’ concept is not unique to The Fool and is found in many spiritual traditions.

So where in your life can you be more like ‘The Fool’ trusting more and worrying less

I invite you to listen to the whispers in your heart. ❤️

I invite you to welcome your new beginning. 

I invite you to believe in yourself.  I believe in you.

If not now, then when?

📖. 📖. 📖. 📖 📖 📖 📖. 📖. 📖. 📖. 📖. 📖. 📖. 📖

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