A Gift for the Gift that is Billy Strings

A Gift for the Gift that is Billy Strings

11/10/2019 – The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ –  Billy Strings Show

One of the best nights of my life as a idea moves into matter & moves into getting to give a gift to the man, the myth, the legend – Billy Strings 

Read below on how to get prints & stickers! Thank you kindly!

One day, my former partner Ponyboy and I were sitting in the hoop house at Moonlight Acres, his family’s farm in New Jersey.  We had just bought tickets to see his show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park.  We were both BEYOND STOKED, as we had been jamming to all his music since his sister Finch had discovered him.  Also, I had never been to this venue so was really excited to see what this famous place was all about. 

As I was probably painting a flower (I love flowers), and passing a spliff, an idea had popped in my head & I asked Ponyboy,

“Hey, do you think if I painted Billy String’s portrait, I would be able to crowd surf it to him or something?“  

Ponyboy responded something like…

‘Dooood, it’s a small venue, you probably would be able to just give it to him!’  

So there it was.  Okay.  2 days before the show.  Time to power paint.  

And boy, did I ever.  Literally until the very last last last second (I like to also call myself Last Minute Larson), where we were at Finch’s boyfriend’s apartment in Ocean Grove about to walk over to Asbury Park.  In between smoking more spliffs, I signed it & said some prayers and we were off. 

The venue was JAM PACKED.  Literally like fucking sardines in there.  But of course, it was BILLY STRINGS!  I felt awful dragging around this huge canvas, accidentally hitting people with it left and right, but once they saw what it was they didn’t care and gave me major kudos for bringing it & told me to get up to the front.

Ponyboy, I, and portrait scooted our way to the front for the second set & I put it over the railing the whole time – dancing & gigging away to his music in total fucking ecstasy and bliss that we had done it & that he was looking at it!  It was all so trippy and divine and literally blowing my mind.  

After the encore, Billy was walking by and said something like, ’That painting is awesome!’ 

Ponyboy and I shouted in unison, ‘ It’s for you!’ and we were able to give it to him.  

A beautiful sister was able to capture the magic of the moment below. 

Which, how I even saw these pictures is another story on itself, as I was tagged in them randomly from a sister living in the Midwest who I had met in Thailand when she was teaching English there, Maggie!  Thank you sister! 

She is a fellow Billy Strings fan and followed this group on Facebook for his fans & a woman had posted these photos and was looking for me, thinking my name was Tiffany.  Maggie was like – holy smokes, I know that girl! 

And it all connects.  As everything does.  So Divine. 

Less than a year later, I got to see Billy Strings for the second time at Gem & Jam Festival 2020.  

At the end of literally dancing as I had never danced before and felt like ‘THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE’ …

Billy had walked left stage and was saying hello to fans. 

I built up the courage to run up and said something like ,

“Billy!  I painted your portrait at the Stone Pony last November!  I’m just curious of where it is?”

His eyes got big and said something like, ‘Oh! The blue one!  It’s in my house!‘

Then like a little scared & very very very excited girl I said thank you & ran off. 

The blue in the painting was inspired by his song ‘Spinning’ which I believe was inspired by his DMT trip. 

A few months later, I also got to experience 5MEO DMT for the first time in a place called Mushroom Rock in Sedona, AZ.  My experience was quite different than his, but very divine. 

Here are the lyrics to that song:

“I remember the first thing I saw.

It was a blue light far in the distance and as it

Was getting closer I could see that it was a woman.

Not Human, but definitely female.

She was twirling and twirling and dancing for me and

Mumbling in a language that was only used for this one occasion.

And as she danced for me,

I noticed that her skirt was made of eyeballs,

And then she turned and it was made of ears and she turned and it was

Made of teeth and she turned and it was

Made of mouths and then eyebrows and then hair.

And she was telling me this wonderful story and when she got close

Enough she sort of put her arms around me and asked

Me if it was okay and I said yes it’s okay, it’s okay.

So she took me out into the outer edges of a multiverse,

This multiverse and she showed me all of

The universes spinning and working together.

And then she took me down to our universe and she

Showed me all of our galaxies spinning and working together.

And then she took me to our galaxy and showed me

All of our planets spinning and working together.

And then she took me to our planet and showed me all of the wind and

Dirt and fire and water and flesh and bone and

Currents and storms all spinning and working together.

And then she took me to a grain of sand and showed me how everything

Is exactly the same in that we all are

Spinning and hopefully working together.”

Life is one mysterious, hilarious, amazing, beautiful dream.  

I know his lyrics and music have brought me smiles, laughter, and sometimes tears.  His music has helped me move through difficult times, as I’m sure it has for many others.  

What a blessing and gift this man is to humanity.  

Thank you Billy Strings for sharing your soul song with us. 

I ask for $4 for stickers & $11 for prints as an energetic exchange for the time & effort it took to create. 

Please don’t hesitate to email me at thebritterflyeffect@gmail.com or find me on social media & reach out through there! It is my dharma to paint & is my honor to share it with the world.

IG: @thebritterflyeffect

Facebook: The Britterfly Effect

Life is one mysterious, hilarious, amazing, beautiful dream the more you lead with love instead of fear.  

Sat Nam & One Love! 🌈 ❤️ 🦋

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