No-Bake Energy Bites – Perfect snack for on the go!

No-Bake Energy Bites – Perfect snack for on the go!

My Dad just started making these this year & they are one of the best snacks for on the go!

We recently did a father-daughter road trip after selling the house we grew up in & moving him from Missouri to California. We filled about 4 ice trays with these energy bites & they gave us some healthy fuel & nourishment during our car rides!

Check out the videos I have made on my YouTube channel – 🌻Be An Outsider 🌻 to see where we went on our trip! Part 2 is where I mention the energy bites & you can see the INSANELY BEAUTIFUL views of Bryce Canyon National Park!

Thought I’d share so you can try making them yourself! 😊

Recipe that my dad follows!

There you have it folks! The only thing is he says that he leaves out the Tbsp. of hemp seeds. But I’m sure that would just add some added nutrition for you if you leave them in!

Make sure when you choose your peanut butter you read the ingredients! Sometimes it will say ‘Natural’ but still has added sugars & oils that make it a lot less healthier for you! The only ingredients we ever buy is Peanuts & Salt!

Don’t let them trick you! Check your ingredients!

Also organic is best for all ingredients! Let’s help the planet together! 🌎😊

Little bites packed with energy & nutrition!

Mash them in the containers of your choice to separate them into little bites for later! Pete (my dad) uses ice trays for his! You may need a knife, later on, to get them out. 😊


And enjoy your new nutritious snack! 😄


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