JEDEDIAH SMITH REDWOODS STATE PARK – Car Camping Northern California

JEDEDIAH SMITH REDWOODS STATE PARK – Car Camping Northern California

We traveled up from Mt. Shasta > Oregon > Washington and back down the coast.  And any time we encountered a big tree while hiking, we would trip out for a bit and then I would remember,

“This isn’t even in the GIANT ones…”

Referring to all the Redwood National Forests and the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California.  We had been anticipating getting to these trees for so long! It was finally time!  

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Ponyboy had heard to check out Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.  Which for the longest time we were laughing because we thought it was ‘Jebidiah’ instead of Jedidiah.  People had jokingly been calling Ponyboy ‘Jebadiah’, due to his rather Amish look at times 😜

And it lived up to its expectations for sure….

These trees are GINORMOUS!  Like 10-20 people would have to hug them to get all around them.  Which means these trees are extremely old. Older than my mind can conceive.

It was a pretty insane day, exploring and appreciating and climbing and what not.  The first hike we did was Stout Grove Trail.  It’s a 0.6-mile loop, so super easy & lots of massive, glorious trees to feast your eyes upon!

Lots of mossy trees and a river you can walk up to if you get off the trail. 

So many ancient trees… We had to climb the ones we could for sure.  First goes Ponyboy.

Then I hopped up there to check out the vyooz.

This big guy even had his own platform so people could look but not necessarily touch.  He must be the most ancient of them all. 

The special platform redwood

Then we drove Howland Hill Rd. – a 9 mile scenic road around the park.  Fair warning, it is super pot-holey, bumpy, windy, and narrow – so be alert!  But such a beautiful drive – sooooo many insane trees!

Take your time!  Lots to admire!

Another trail you can do within the park is Boy Scout Tree Trail.  The trailhead is on Howland Hill Rd.  It is a 5.2 mile there & back trail with a waterfall at the end.  We didn’t have time, but I would definitely do it if you have the opportunity!

Other possible things to check out near Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park:

  • Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park – Drove through this, redwoods near coast! (~11 minute drive)
  • Trinidad – sweet little town/community between the forest and ocean (~ 1.5 hour drive)
  • Trinidad Bay  (~ same drive as Trinidad)
  • Patrick’s Point State Park – a gorgeous area we camped at (~ 1.25 hour drive)

Hope this helps you plan your own trip to see the redwood trees and connect with your planet! 🌎🌲

And if you need more of an excuse or reason to go enjoy the outdoors – here we have an amazing post about the scientific benefits of camping:

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