THREE CAPES SCENIC LOOP – Oregon Coast Car Camping

THREE CAPES SCENIC LOOP – Oregon Coast Car Camping

Maybe I was riding a high off of delicious cheese and ice cream from Tillamook Creamery, but we actually missed the first cape out of the Three Capes Scenic Loop

The 2 out of the 3 capes we did hit were EPIC spots to see and explore though, so I would definitely hit the first cape we missed!

After you indulge at the creamery, you drive to downtown Tillamook to start the 40 mile drive around the coast.  It connects three of their state parks.


The one we missed was – Cape Meares State Park – looks like it’s supposed to have lots of trails and pretty views! To find more info, click the link below:

Cape Meares is almost directly west of Tillamook Creamery!


Our first stop was Cape Lookout State Park – definitely a cool area to spend a little time.  There is a $5 parking fee (which they were enforcing when we were there), but worth it.

Cape Lookout State Park
  • Free bathrooms! Woo!
  • Lots of trails to hike along the coast
  • Picnic tables/sitting areas for chilling
  • Camping is there year round! (Tent site = $21, also hook-up sites, yurts, etc.
  • Waterfalls and cave in distance!

To see more info, go to:


Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area was by far one of our favorite spots for the whole Oregon Coast probably.  A for sure DO NOT MISS on my list!

It’s a pretty busy parking lot, but we were still able to find a spot (perks of traveling in winter 😜).  Other info on the park:

  • Dog friendly beach! Yay puppies!
  • At the end of the beach you can walk up on the sand dunes & explore more coastline
  • There are signs to not pass, but literally everyone at the park was doing it
  • You can walk to this huge rock out in the distance connected by a pathway

> We did this and watches waves spray up from crashing on the rocks

> Locals said they had never seen the waves this crazy!

> Had a ‘scary respect’ moment with the big blue

  • Tide pools on the rocks below on the beach!  Lots of little sea creatures!

We decided to pay for a campground this night – maybe we were lazy, maybe we wanted to have a fire, maybe both.  So, about 35 minutes away from Cape Kiwanda, south on the 101 in Lincoln City, OR is:

Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area

  • $21 for a tent site
  • Cool boat launch nearby
  • Free hot showers! HALLELUHHH! – have to get code from camp host!
  • Fire pit
car camping set up at campsite
Time to car camp!

Wishing you smooth, fun, and magical travels! ✌🏼

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