β€œWhatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that.”


After two previous rainy days, even if we woke up groggy in the Walmart parking lot, seeing some blue skies meant it was going to be a grrrrrreat day!

We got some cheap gas at the station – Oregon is actually a state where you don’t pump your own gas – in front of Walmart in Coos Bay.  

Then we headed south on the 101 to our first destination of the Cape Arago Beach Loop

Sunset Bay/Beach

Rainbow at sunset beach
Rainbow at Sunset Beach!

Sunset Beach was a nice first stop, free to park, free bathrooms (yay!), beautiful blue skies, and the sun starting to peak out.  

We even saw a rainbow🌈 Good sign babay.

The next on our Scenic Loop was…

Shore Acres State Park

At our second destination, we arrive and have to pay $5 to park.  We knew that this place had a botanical garden to walk around in so we decided to fork up the money and hang out.  Which was so so worth it as this spot ended up being out of this world!!

Sadly, no dogs allowed signs ☹️

First, we stopped into Shore Acres Botanical Garden, which was so manicured and beautiful, even during the winter with less in bloom.  Can only imagine this place when it is poppin’ off! Oooooo man, eyes would explode!

We found this Monkey Puzzle tree…

After the garden, we started to walk around some of the coastal walks and view areas.  We were walking and debating whether to turn around or to go further. We decided to go a bit further to the next viewpoint.  And then we see… THE MOST EPIC SPOT EVER! Both of us are wide-eyed and head over there.

This crazy-epic-coastal-rocky spot was blowing my mind with all the reflections from the water puddles all over!! It must have been the perfect time to come after the big storms & now that it was all at peace.

Was thinking how crazy it would have been if we had missed this spot while walking.  AHH so freaking cool. There was even some tennis court or something that was obviously taken over by nature over the years.  Hell yea.

Shore Acres State Park, you treasure.  Thank you! πŸ™πŸΌ

The final spot of the scenic loop was…

Cape Arago State Park

There is a North and South part to Cape Arago State Park. We went North, went on the nearest trail, and went straight at the trail crossing.  

Here we ran into this sight – seal basking in the sun on the rock! β€˜Twas fun to watch and mimic what you think they are saying down there.  Nature is cool.

We then drove past the South part of the cape and it definitely looks worth checking out!  Appeared like you can go down to the beach from there, as we saw a little kid with a wetsuit and surfboard!  In the middle of January! Yay, dude – rock on!!

Very very very worth it to take this scenic loop.   It does not actually go back on the 101 at the end and you have to backtrack.

When you do, I suggest going on Seven Devil’s Road or Charleston Scenic Route to check out some crrrazy beautiful forest views!

It turns into E Beaver Hill Road and then connects you to the 101 babay.

Hope you’re planning your next adventure! ✌🏼🌊

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