TURMERIC – Quick (& Natural) Way to Whiten Teeth

TURMERIC – Quick (& Natural) Way to Whiten Teeth

What stains everything, lifts stains off your teeth!

So one day I came home and had one of those moments where I smiled in the mirror and was kind of turned off.  I started inspecting my teeth and thought maybe I saw some stains. So, of course, I immediately Google ‘natural ways to whiten your teeth.’  

Then I got to reading about all the different pastes, ingredients, concoctions, and ways you can make your teeth whiter with natural, unprocessed, no-chemicals added stuff.

The one that I decided to try was turmeric because:

  • I already knew it was in the house
  • It seemed like the simplest one to try
  • I did not have the ingredients for others on hand.  I had also luckily bought a new toothbrush recently!

If you want to try this – IT WILL STAIN YOUR TOOTHBRUSH.  

And pretty much everything it touches. So be careful of your sink!! Wipe up any spills right away!  

But if you can deal with a bit of a mess and have a toothbrush ready, this is how I did it:


Get your toothbrush you will use and your turmeric powder ready.  I would suggest making sure you get a nicer, organic turmeric powder (I was just being lazy the first time I tried it & this is what we had).

turmeric spice and toothbrush
Toothbrush & turmeric ready!


Remember – it stains basically everything!  I used a kitchen plate. I would not suggest using your bathroom counter.

pile of turmeric on plate
Tiny pile of zee magical powder!


Gotta get that baby wet in order for the turmeric powder to stick to the bristles, like so:

toothbrush dipped in turmeric powder on plate
Dippin’ the brush in the turmeric

I usually have to kind of turn the brush a bunch on its sides and keep pressing it into the powder to make sure I get the majority of it on the brush.

Turmeric powder on toothbrush
Got all of it on there!


Just as if you are brushing your teeth as normal, get it on all your teeth, in a circular motion.  Get it on your gums as well because it can help with inflammation.

close up of girl with turmeric powder on teeth
Sorry if this picture scares you lol – an example from the first time I did it!

It might taste and feel weird because it’s just the powder and not a paste.  There are other people who have tried it that create a paste using coconut oil mixed with turmeric.

See the links for resources below to see how they made the paste!


Let the powder sit on your teeth for about 5 minutes.  During this time you can rinse off the brush that you used (until the water runs clear and not yellow) and do any other cleaning needed.   I usually just set a timer and keep busy doing something else for that time.

girl smiling with turmeric powder on teeth
Last night doing it again while writing this article – waiting patiently!

If you swallow some of the turmeric while it sits, it’s all natural so its no big deal!☺️ (unless you are allergic of course)


After the 5 minutes, I usually just do a quick rinse with water of my mouth, just to get all the excess powder out of there, so that it doesn’t stain the other toothbrush for the next step.


If you’re using a second toothbrush, then this step you just brush your teeth with your normal toothbrush like normal.

Then, wallah!!

girl smiling with white teeth

I like to think that there is a difference, and from other bloggers or people who have tried it, others say the same thing!

My dad started trying it and said that he thought it was staining his gums yellow (I didn’t think so), but I would just make sure to properly rinse and brush your teeth thoroughly after doing this!

One blog I read was this girl who tried all these different natural ways to whiten her teeth and she said that turmeric worked the best out of all of them!  Either way, still a cool thing to try out.

Another natural way to help possibly whiten your smile & improve oral health is oil pulling! Read about how to do this and the benefits of coconut oil here:

Coconut Oil – Why it Should Be Everyone’s Household Staple

And if you’re saying…

‘Well, I don’t want to buy a whole thing of turmeric spice just to use a little bit for this…’  

There are SO MANY crazy health benefits for turmeric – so you should buy the spice and use it for cooking as well!  Or get a turmeric supplement!

turmeric supplement
This is probably one fo the cheaper turmeric supplements – but I would recommend getting the most natural one possible!


  • Helps with pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – can help with arthritis and reduce heart disease
  • Antioxidant effects that can improve liver function
  • Aids in digestion
  • Encourages healthy cholesterol levels
  • Decreases stress hormones & improves mood
  • Supports weight loss & a healthy metabolism
  • Assists in brain health – by increasing protein BDNF which helps the brain grow
  • Improves numerous skin conditions
  • Reduces cancer risk

Like anything though – don’t overdue it! In large amounts it can irritate your stomach, cause blood thinning, and stimulate contractions (if pregnant obviously).  So if you’re preggo and want to go into labor – maybe make yourself a curry with some turmeric powder! 😜

Hope you incorporate this powerful spice into your diet!

Let food be thy medicine!


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