Coconut Oil – Why it Should Be Everyone’s Household Staple

Coconut Oil – Why it Should Be Everyone’s Household Staple

In the holistic health world – the fact that coconut oil can benefit your life in a number of ways is pretty much widely known.  Yet, I still find that some people are not aware of all the INCREDIBLE health benefits it possesses! So I decided to talk about it.  Which always leads to me learning even more about the topic – so it’s a win win, baby! 🥥🥥🥥

Obviously, I knew what a coconut was for a long time, but it wasn’t until I was 19 that I vividly remember someone telling me about coconut water and how it is incredibly hydrating.  The guy said, ‘I chug coconut water when I am hungover.’ Hmm… Interesting I thought. But didn’t get into it myself until a few years ago.

But DUDE – Coconuts are pretty much my favorite thing ever now.  They are like Mother Nature’s present to us in order to heal and provide nourishment to our bodies.  First, let’s learn about these dope little guys.


  • When talking botanically, coconuts are considered ‘fibrous one-seeded drupes’ (weird) – but even weirder is that with loose definitions, they can be considered a fruit, a nut, AND a seed!
  • The water inside the coconut contains good levels of antioxidants, fiber, proteins, sugars, vitamins, and minerals
  • Coconut water was used in WWII for emergency IV blood transfusions because it can be a substitute for blood plasma
  • The ‘meat’ of the coconut – the white fleshy part, is high in amino acids, iron, and fiber

There’s actually SO many more good ones, but I wanted to focus on coconut oil a bit more today.

Many cultures all over the world have been using coconut oil for centuries to heal a variety of different ailments.

Let thy food be thy medicine baby!

I’m no doctor myself, but these is what I’ve found from other people who have done their research 😜


1. Increases ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, therefore improving heart health

2. Helps control blood sugar levels, therefore helping those with Type 2 Diabetes

3. Ketones created when digesting coconut oil helps repair brain function, therefore acting as a natural treatment for Alzheimer patients

4. It can protect the liver and clear up UTI symptoms or kidney infections

5. The medium-chained fatty acids (MCFAs) in the oil and ketones it produces could help prevent and fight cancer

6. It reduces inflammation in the body, therefore helping with arthritis naturally

7. It helps boost the immune system – studies find it has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties

8. It can improve digestion and gut health

9. It increases your metabolism, which can aid in weight loss, energy, and endurance

10. Its very easy to digest, which can help with pancreatitis and gallbladder disease

11. It’s high levels of antioxidants help fight free radicals and can help treat osteoporosis

12. May act as a natural hormone balancer

13. The high antioxidant levels can help slow aging

And these are just some of the internal benefits when you are ingesting it – there are so many more benefits when you use it on the outside of your body as well!


The fatty acids in coconut oil reduce inflammation externally and moisturize – which helps heal or treat a variety of different skin issues.  These can include eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, you name it! Do your research on how to best use it for these conditions.

Personal anecdote:  One time when traveling in Thailand, I got this weird skin rash on my wrist.  I was able to find coconut oil, started putting it on there every day. Then within probably max 3 days, it disappeared!  

It can simply be used as your every day moisturizer too!  🥥

Healthy skin is moisturized & hydrated! Especially if you want your tattoos to not fade as fast ☺️


Again, those lovely fatty acids can help treat dandruff and other dry hair conditions – leaving it conditioned and silky smooth the all-natural way!

There’s LOADS of different recipes online and how-to’s on ways to improve your hair health with this magical oil.  Find the one that works for you! 🥥


This one I just started trying for myself because my gums have started to become more inflamed and bleed.  

You basically swish a tsp or 2 of coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes and spit it out.  Pretty easy, also due to the fact that I love the taste of the stuff.

This Ayurveda practice has been used longer than I can imagine and cleanses the mouth of bacteria.  Less bacteria growing in your mouth means reduced risk of periodontal disease, reduced inflammation, and strengthened teeth, gums, and jaws.  Yay for healthy smiles!!! 😁🥥

Well if I haven’t convinced you by now that coconut oil is the best, then maybe you can look at some of the sources below or do your own research 😊

When purchasing, the healthiest option for you would be an organic (extra) virgin coconut oil.  They say to veer away from the ‘refined’ coconut oil because it loses key nutrients as its more processed.

Hope you try it out for yourself & reap the benefits! 🥥✌🏼



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