COLORADO CAR CAMPING – Beautiful spots to explore

COLORADO CAR CAMPING – Beautiful spots to explore

Back in December 2018, my boyfriend and I both had our first time exploring Colorado and we understand why everyone seems to be moving there!

Though it was the cold winter, the beauty around this state is undeniable.  It is any active persons dream.

We both flew into Denver and rented a car – getting upgraded to a red Subaru Outback to sleep out of!  Apparently, there are a good amount of toll roads apparently in Colorado, but we just decided to avoid them altogether to be cheaper.  Let’s go!

We only had about 1 week in Colorado and didn’t want to do too much long driving days, so we definitely missed some things – but here are the spots we hit!


We headed to Garden of the Gods first because it was only about an hour and a half drive from Denver and Ponyboy had heard about it.  It is located in Colorado Springs, which is a cute little town all on its own too.

The first day we walked around the Garden of the Gods it was a bit cloudy, but still extremely impressive.

That same cloudy day we did the Siamese Twins Loop Trail, which brings you too this incredible red rocky point that we would hang out at for a bit.   We loved that spot so much that we decided to do the same trail the next morning when the weather was a lot better. SO PURDY!

Not a bad start to the trip!


Manitou Springs is another town we walked around and went into shops at.  Definitely worth a stop!


Next, we drove up to Boulder, which was about a 2 hour drive from Manitou Springs, but maybe only a 45 minute drive from Denver.

We ended up getting stuck in Boulder for a few days because that town is DOPE!  It has lots of beautiful hikes around, the scenery around Boulder the town is incredible, and there are so many things going on!  

We went to Pearl Street Mall, Mapleton Hill, and the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, which was shipped piece by piece from Tajikistan – so cool!  We were too cheap and grungy looking to eat inside, but the outside was nice to see too!

Then we found Boulder Mountain Park where we found a great hike (name unknown, sorry!) which brought you waaaay up to look over all of Boulder.

We happened to also stumble upon a Grateful Dead cover band called the Grateful Shred, that was playing at the Fox Theatre in Boulder while we were there.  Amazing night with great vibes and this liquid light show in the background.


For Ponyboy’s birthday, we decided to splurge and found a perfect Airbnb that was a farm closeby to Boulder!  It is ran by the loveliest woman ever, Martha, who takes care of the horses that people board at her farm.

The property was absolutely beautiful and Martha was such a friendly, sweet, and generous host.  I would recommend anyone to stay there! Here is the link to the AirBnb below:

Peaceful Niwot Farm Property

Before we were leaving the next morning, she came in and asked what shoe size I was, gifting me a pair of shoes that were EXACTLY what I needed! Wish I would have taken more pictures but here’s a few!

I only had a pair of crappy tennis shoes at the time that had hardly any traction on the bottom, not very warm, and not waterproof at all.  Martha therefore probably saved me from falling on my face numerous times in the snow. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. So grateful.


Next we decided to go tour the Celestial Seasonings, where they make the famous Sleepytime tea found in Boulder, CO.  You can tour them for free! Which includes lots of tea tastings and is just interesting all around to see/hear how it is all made.

Also there was so much cool art!  And super sick hairnets. (Sadly, I didn’t get a picture with Ponyboy’s beard net lol).


I know I mentioned this park before in Boulder, but we went back for a sunset hike and it was freaking gorgeous so I thought I’d give it its own headline too.   Definitely worth a stop!


Of course we had to go over to the big kahuna in Colorado – Rocky Mountain National Park babay!  We even rested some snow spikes for $7 each a day, as to give us some more traction when hiking around in the snow.  There was lots of it!

I don’t have too many notes, but I know that a good portion of our time was spent in Estes Park and Glacier Gorge.  We had some magic happen to us there where there was this little birdy on the ground and Ponyboy held out his hand (almost joking) to see if it would hop on it – and IT DID!  We were amazed and stoked as you can tell.

I took A LOT of pictures.  But can you blame me? Hadn’t yet really experienced so bigass beautiful mountains such as this!  Or at least not for awhile! So majestic.

If you’re going to Colorado, I’m assuming you will be trying to see Rocky Mountain National Park.  But if not, come on man. You crazy. Look at this beauty!


Last, but not least, we had to go check out Red Rocks Amphitheatre – both of us hoping to actually see a show here someday!  

During the morning time, the place turns into everyone’s little work out area it seems!  It was cool to explore and people watch while sipping our coffee, imagining everyone packed in here & jamming during a concert.

So ya, Colorado is SUPER rad.  Will love to go back sometimes when its not winter because I’m sure it’s even more mesmerizing.  But, even in the winter, the sun shines over the winter wonderland almost every day – so don’t let the cold stop you from exploring!

Happy exploring & one love!

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