Port Townsend

I have family in Tacoma, WA, so we left this morning with advice from a friend that to head towards northern Washington we should cut through the islands and bridges – heading towards Port Townsend.

The route to Port Townsend

Apparently, driving this way from Tacoma, there are no tolls on the bridges, but going the other way there are tolls (fyi).  

Port Townsend was a pretty cool area.  We started first by going to Fort Worden first, where we used their free bathrooms (yay!) and took a short look around.

To be honest, I don’t remember anything super noteworthy, or maybe I was just in a tired mood… but, I did get some nice pictures of the port and other interesting sights.

Port Angeles

Port Angeles is a little west of Port Townsend had a lot more going on – lots of shops & walking streets!  

Also there is the dock for U.S. Customs from over the water – where you can see Canada in the distance.  Hello, Canada! And miss you all my Canadian friends!

What I recommend doing before heading anywhere from here is filling up on cheap gas!  After here the gas definitely jumps up in price a lot and is harder to come across.

I’ll make note here that we had our trip during January 2019, so the winter time did not allow us to be see much of Olympic National Park.

Definitely a bummer, as this is apparently one of the most beautiful and least visited parks in the Pacific Northwest.  But you can’t fight Mother Nature and the roads were closed, get ‘cha next time!

Lake Crescent

Instead we got see Lake Crescent, which is above Olympic National Park.  It was beautiful and has a boat launch, lodges, and what not.  We sat by the water and had a picnic 🧺

Almost the highlight of our time up there was THE BEST free campground we found about 30 minutes from Lake Crescent.

Lyre River Campground

Lyre River Campground was found on our Olympic National Park map a friend gave us (thank you!) & was the find of our camping dreams!

‘Twas ***magical***

Why was it rad?

  • You are supposed to have a recreation pass, but no one came over to check.  So it was free!!! Yay!!!
  • There is free bathrooms (yay!) & free water (DOUBLE YAY!)
  • If you go left, we found a more secluded campsite (lucky #11)
  • A mighty RAGING river run through the campground and rainforest
  • It was truly beautiful

The only thing that was lame was the design of the firepit, but beggars can’t be choosers and fire was still ‘lit’ 😜

There was a little fox that tried to come check us out when eating!  Keep food away/locked in car!

For a comprehensive guide on how to find more free RV camping or car camping spots for yourself – click HERE 😊 Happy camping!


Other stops the next day on our way to Cape Flattery were Sekiuand The Whale Tale Viewpoint.

Oh, and keep your eyes to the skies if in the area because we saw about 10 bald eagles while driving around Washington. ( I shit you not!)  

For more info and pics on our drive down Washington, read Car Camping the Washington Coast (coming soon)!

Happy travels & happy days! ✌🏼❤️

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