TACOMA, WA – The less famous sibling that is actually really cool

TACOMA, WA – The less famous sibling that is actually really cool

When thinking of how to describe Tacoma, this is the first thought that came to my brain.  Everyone is always talking about Seattle in Washington.

“Have you been to Seattle?”

“Oh, you gotta check out Seattle!”

“You’re going to Washington?  Seattle is so cool.

You gotta see the Space Needle.”

We did end up going to Seattle, and yes, the city is really cool – lots to see and do, parks, food, shops, and great views.  Like most big cities. Though it definitely is unique in its own ways.

To see photos and info about where we went in Seattle read:

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Downtown Tacoma at night!

But not a lot of people talk about Tacoma – another big city in Washington state, only 45 minutes south of Seattle.  

Its as if Seattle and Tacoma are celebrity siblings.  Everyone has only really heard of the more famous one though, and always talks about how awesome that sibling is.  

However, once people get to know Tacoma, they see that this sibling is actually super freaking cool too!  Maybe even cooler than the more famous sibling, depending on your style.

Point Defiance views!

Okay, enough with my weird analogy.

My cousin Russell, one of my favorite people in this world, lives in Tacoma with his girlfriend, Leika.  On a Cabo trip in November, they introduced me to one of my new favorite couples on this planet – Evie and Manny.  

The Cabo crew! (Also pictured: my sister, Courtney 😊)

We got the opportunity to stay with them in their dope little spot and they all took us around to some great spots in Tacoma. If you ever read this, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! 🙏🏼 Forever grateful! Here some pictures of their animals loving on Ponyboy 🥰

The first night we went to pho at Thuy’s Pho, which was only my third or second time getting it.  SUPER bomb! Try the spring rolls babay! Sorry no pics of the food!

Then it was drinking games and lots of laughs at night.  Always a good time. 🙂

The next day they took us over to Point Defiance – a super gorgeous park in Tacoma with lots of hiking! I would definitely suggest to go early and just make a whole day out of being there.

Waaaaaaater 💙💙💙

There are tons of nature trails to choose from and we sat and enjoyed some of sunset at this beautiful spot near the water.

At night, after our home BBQ, we went to the Tacoma Night Market. It has tons of local artists, food, music, drinks, & is free! It’s once a month so try to catch it if you visit!

Finally, our last stop that night was to Tacoma’s Glass Bridge, which was arguably cooler at night due to the lights on it! There were a few of those Lime scooters around the guys took them for a rip.

One unique little bar they brought us to Java Jive, where the outside looks like a giant teapot! Cheap drinks and divey vibes – me gusta!

Other places we saw driving a lot was the Tacoma Dome – which is fun to say and to look at!

Tacoma Dome! Say it, it’s fun! 😊

Our last night, we both got to experience Korean barbeque for the first time – and it was fucking AWESOME!  They took us to The Palace, which is $27 per person but this is unlimited meat and sides, so it is definitely worth it.  

Koren BBQ virginity officially taken!

So interesting how they just bring a big plate of raw meat over and you just cook it yourself on the table!  And the sides were KILLER. Rice, veggies, fish cakes, other weird-shit-I-had-no-clue-what-it-was-but-it-tasted-good.  

Also, we drank a lot of Soju there, a rice wine?  Feasted like motherfucking kings for once. Felt full, but felt good man.

If you do anymore research other than reading over my experience, you will see that Tacoma also has loads of museums.  And I’m sure there are many other cool things!

So if you are going to Washington, I would give Tacoma a chance – it may surprise you! 🙂

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