HIKING OREGON – Trail of Ten Falls

HIKING OREGON – Trail of Ten Falls

When doing research for the best hikes in Oregon, I heard of this one and immediately wanted to do it.  You can find the trailhead in Silver Falls State Park.

Nifty map shows the loop!

We actually got to Silver Falls State Park the night before we did the hike and decided car camp in their campground.  

$20 (tent site) + $5 (firewood) = a more enjoyable time- being able to sit around a fire & not in the car at night.

The next morning we tried to get an early start because we heard Trail of Ten Falls was either around 7.1 – 8.7 miles roundtrip.  

All Trails has it at 7.1 miles, other people online said it was something else, the map says 7.2, & the official sign said 8.7 miles. So who the hell knows, but it’s freaking gorgeous, so do it if you have the chance!

The trail is actually a couple of different trails connected together that loops you around 10 different waterfalls (hence, the name).  The Canyon Trail has all the waterfalls and the Rim Trail brings you back home.

To do the full thing, you can start at South Falls like we did – heading on the Canyon Trail.  

It did not take long at all for us to be like – ‘WHHHHAT?!  This trail is doooooope!!!’  As you approach the first waterfall, you see that the trail actually leads you behind it!

The thundering of the water gets louder and louder and LOUDER until you are under it and screaming at eachother ‘THIS IS SO COOL!!’ while also getting sprayed in the face.

Invigorating, man.

The second one is like the first where you go behind it too!

Anyways, the hike is just in this epic Oregon rainforest, and even if its shitty weather like we had, it doesn’t matter because you hardly see the sky.  

There was so much moss!  Me gusta moss!! So fuzzy! And so many fern babies!  But of course, the real attraction is all the waterfalls…

We ended up doing the whole trail in about 4 hours, starting at around 9 am and ended at 1 pm.   That was also with stopping time to chill and admire zee beautiful nature.

More pictures – you decide if you think it’s worth it! 😁

Silver Falls State Park is only about 1.5 hours from Portland and 2.5 hours from Bend.  The closest major town is probably Salem.

After our hike we first tried to sleep at designated campsites but arrived after sunset and they close their gates after that (boo).  But it’s okay, it just made us more inventive!

We headed towards Mt. Hood National Forest from Portland and found a pull out on the left side, where it was big enough that we were far away from the road and kind of tucked away.  Another van joined us in the middle of the night doing the same thing.  But, no one came to kick us out so – success!

Hope you go chase some waterfalls somewhere soon! ✌🏼🙂

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