HIKING OREGON – Diamond Lake & Umqua National Forest

HIKING OREGON – Diamond Lake & Umqua National Forest

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”


When we left Mount Shasta (see our trip highlights here!) in January 2019 to head to Oregon, we wanted to see Crater Lake National Park next.  Unfortunately, at the time, the main road to the lake due to human waste build-ups.

So time to improvise.


Ice ice baby

One of our first stops in Oregon was Diamond Lake, which I believe we found just from looking at our Google Maps!

Google map showing where Diamond Lake is in Oregon
North of Crater Lake!

There wasn’t necessarily any specific hike there that we saw, but the lake was completely frozen, so you could hike all the way across it if you like! Preeeeeetttty cool!

There were benches around and people were ice fishing in the distance. Then I call this series ‘Snowman and Man.’

I’m sure it’s super beautiful when it is not frozen as well! But definitely head to Crater Lake if you have the opportunity!


Gorgeous dawling

I had read that Umqua National Forest was beautiful, so we decided to head there and simply hike around.

One way we do this in many places is using the app All Trails. This is a free app that allows you to find hikes around you based off your GPS location.

And it turns out – it was super beautiful!

My pictures say that we were in Idleyld Park.  I took bad notes, so can’t tell you what exact trails we did.  But that just means you should go there and find your own adventure!

Because its got waterfalls, mushrooms, amazing trees, & more! Nature is so freaking cool.

I call this series – “I Must Climb You, Sir”

Thank you, Umqua! You were a dream!

Hope this inspires you to visit these spots or any nature of your kind!  ✌🏼🌲❤️

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