Igloo Building Metaphors for Life – 2/19/2019

Igloo Building Metaphors for Life – 2/19/2019

While snowed in Forrest’s cabin in Mad River, I finally got to accomplish a childhood dream of building an igloo.  We had about 13 inches the first day we went out on the hill for a ‘SNOW DAY, playing in the white stuff!’ (a catchy tune introduced to us by Forrest, which he sang in elementary songs)  Oh the things we remember.

One of my greatest accomplishments in life so far

Anywho, here are some thoughts I had as I worked my booty off to finally check this life goal off the list.  Read if you are interested 🙂

We threw in the light up Luci for an igloo party!


Metaphors for Life

1. Take the opportunity when the perfect one arrives!

I think most poeple have some sort of dream or idea, where you think – ‘if I could do that, that would be really cool.’  Sometimes that is going on a trip somewhere, or working a certain career, or getting tickets to an event, or finding your perfect house, or building a badass igloo out of snow.  

Whatever that fun dream is, sometimes when you think about it more, all of a sudden some ‘coincidental’ opportunity arrives for you to get closer to or live out your dream.  

From, what I’ve learned from life, that is the Universe trying to help you live out your dream.  But you have to act with speed – don’t wait or overthink the changes that will be made to achieve it.  It could easily go away the longer you are deciding to do it.  

Therefore, when you happen to be snowed in a cabin with 13 inches of snow all around you – and you have the dream of building an igloo – you fucking start building that igloo!

Another Luci light funky setting

Seize the day!

2.  You MUST have a solid foundation to build higher.

The foundation

This is an obvious one for igloo building I would say.  Because you can’t build up out of nothing.  The stronger you make your foundation, the stronger you can build your igloo.  

Well, think about the igloo as yourself. And, in my opinion, the strong foundation you need to achieve more in life is a healthy body and mind. The moment that your physical health is jeaprodized, it takes over your life. And many times, physical symptoms and illnesses can manifest due to negative and hurtful thought patterns. Do what you can each day to build your foundation stronger and see how much better your life improves in all ways.

3.  When you want to give up, figure out a new way to help your dream & inspire yourself.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.”


Cool shot of zee snow chunks & Ponyboy

I was starting to start building the dome, which was more difficult because we didn’t start using blocks.  Or any real rhyme or reason to doing anything.  

There were times where I was simply using small portions of snow to build, and it seemed like nothing was happening and it was endless.  I thought ‘Meh, this is good enough.  Maybe I’ll go inside.’  

But then I just had a thought – I just need more snow to make it kind of like blocks.

So I started shoveling and trying a new technique, which inspired me to keep going!  It seemed to be going a bit faster, which gave me a second wind of energy and work for a couple more hours.  

Other times I was sick of one way I was building, so I would just switch it up to a different way, so that I would continue and not quit.

The same can go for building any dream in life.  If you truly want to accomplish it, you will have to work hard.  And sometimes work gets monotonous.  So try to keep pushing on by inspiring yourself instead of quitting!

4.  Challenge yourself to problem solve.  The problem, when reframed, could actually be to your benefit.

One ‘issue’ I thought I had when working one day, was this one shovel that wasn’t exactly the easiest to maneuver.  I tossed it off to the side and used my hands for a bit.  Then, when I had my ‘more snow’ thought, I decided I was going to conquer that shovel.  I figured out a way to maneuver it to get the most snow on the igloo as possible – allowing me to work faster and reinforce the igloo more.  Boo ya!

This morning, when I went out to the igloo and starting shoveling, I realized that the very top layer of all the untouched snow was like a frozen board.  At first, I thought this was a huge problem, because it was too hard to shape into the rest of the igloo.  Shit.

However, then I realized I could use these sheets of ice to benefit.  I started using them like tiles, so I could close in the dome opening more quickly.  Under the ice sheets was softer snow that I could reinforce these tiles with from the bottom.  HELL YA problem solving!

So if you have a problem in your life, challenge yourself to not dwell on it, but rather try to reframe it or solve it.  We are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

5.  Keep pushing on & enjoy the process as much as possible!

Igloo building was obviously pretty cold.  My gloves and attire were not always the best.  And as hours passed, it was nice working my body, but also was excited for rest in the future.

Buuuut, the vision of completing the igloo and enjoying it all together kept me pushing on.  What also helped is that I got I jammed out, dancing and singing to my music while building.

There would be times where I would realize I was super in building zone and not paying attention to music.  In those moments, I would take a second and tell myself to relax and enjoy the process.   

If you are stressed out and tired and miserable while working towards your dreams, you are doing it wrong!  

It’s all about enjoying the process, the moment.

Pic from inside the ice fortress!

6. Little things over time can create something big & beautiful.

An obvious one for igloo building.  We kept pushing more and more snow on, and little by little, over time,  our igloo was finally standing majestically before our eyes!


This is what I believe for everything in life.  It is the little actions and decisions over time that create you as a person for instance.

 This also resembles another scientific theory – the butterfly effect – that little actions over time can create huge change.

That’s why I feel it is important to be aware of your actions and decisions.  

When I look at something to eat, I think if this will benefit my body or hurt my body.  I try as much as possible to only eat things that benefit it (though, you gotta live a little sometimes man!)

Back of the beauty & the killer view

It was a freaking gorgeous day and this was the only task I had on my agenda today.  I’m pretty blessed, man.  

View from the igloo entrance

Deachachimbe! ❤️oe

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