Car Camping Mount Shasta

Car Camping Mount Shasta

 We often struggle to find out purpose, but maybe it’s as simple as doing what you love over and over again.

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We started our Pacific Northwest trip by heading to Mount Shasta!  Car camping in this area was actually super easy because of the amazing Bunny Flat Trailhead parking lot!

I read online that they allow climbers to overnight park and sleep in their cars there. 


We drive there to check it out, slowly inching our way closer and closer Mount Shasta and getting more and more amped.

The drive to Bunny Flat Trailhead alone was insaaaaanely beautiful.


Wooow *said as Owen Wilson*

We arrive at the parking lot and there are some RV’s, many cars, tons of people sledding, and a GORGEOUS view of Mt. Shasta!

We hiked a bit around Bunny Flat, but it wasn’t the most beautiful trail and there were lots of people.

So then we drove to another trail close by and walked a bit while it got closer to sunset time.

We then drove what I believe was a viewpoint off the main road to Bunny Flat. And ‘twas GORGEOUS!!

Then I take a million sunset pictures. But can you blame me?

So so pretty, my eyes are in love. ❤️

The next day we get supplies at this Grocery Outlet in Weed, CA. Nice view from there!

I enjoy this town name, this store, and this view


Ponyboy’s cousin Forrest told us of an amazing hike to Heart Lake in Mount Shasta.

We didn’t know of any other hikes, so even though it was snowy and the internet was advising snowshoes, we go for it.

On the way to the hike!

You arrive at Castle Lake , which was pretty frozen over in early January, but just sketchy looking enough for us to not try and walk on it. You walk kind of up along the lake and then up, up, up!

Luckily, we could still make out somewhat of a trail, but there were moments we definitely referenced the little GPS we had to make sure we weren’t lost.

And it is WELLLLL WORTH the climb up there! We were aboslutely blown away.

It was definitely one of the best views in Mount Shasta, where you can see both the lake and the mountain. Everything all crisp and white and serene.

We hung up here for awhile, taking it all in. And I took many photos (as per usual).

Thank you Mother Nature for such a sight! 🙏🏼


an overly edited photo of Siskiyou Lake

Another spot to check out is Siskiyou Lake. Another insanely beautiful sight.

There is a pedestrian bridge you can drive and park pretty close to. We decided to explore and I got a little obsessed with getting all the angles of the bridge.

And the reflections and views around it were just insane. I mean, for real though…

Definitely worth a spot. Would be a nice area to relax by the water, or maybe even go swimming, depending on the time of year!


And then finally we journeyed to find our final sunset spot. Which is easy because literally everywhere you go around Mount Shasta is freaking gorgeous.

We settled on John Everett Vista Point because – well, you can see.

Sidenote: When we first saw the people sledding, we really wanted to try to sled – but also didn’t want to spend money and live with the sleds in the car. So when someone ditched a broken one at Bunny Flat, Ponyboy got excited.

Taken the broken sled for a rip (didn’t exactly work lol)

So ya, if you have the opportunity to visit Mount Shasta. You would be silly not to take it, because that place is next level beautiful!!! The actual town is cool on its own too!

But really, its all about dem views. Here is the day sights before driving away that day. Bye, Shasta! Yous’ a beaut for suuuuuure.

What a gem 💎

Hope you find your nature somewhere! 😄 Cheers!

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